Snowboarding Expert Rider Sessions


These are higher level small group lessons, without the commitment to a full week, covering carving, freestyle or backcountry riding.

Have you ever wondered how skilful snowboarders are able to rip up the slopes without skidding their turns? We’ll show how to use the edges to carve through your turns as if you were on rails. There’s no feeling quite like like hitting a wide, open, freshly groomed run and cranking out some high speed carves.

Or if freestyle’s your thing, then we’ll teach you everything you need to get a solid foundation in freestyle riding and develop your own style. From flatland tricks, to kickers in the park, boxes and rails, even the half pipe; in no time you’ll have a bag of tricks to add to your skills.

If you need a guide to show you the best powder spots, then look no further. It’s surprising how much untracked powder can be found in the 3 Valleys even weeks after the last snowfall and if you’re fortunate enough to hit the slopes during a major dump, the 3 Valleys offer some mind-blowing terrain backcountry riding. Of course, we’ll also fine tune your technique and help you understand how to read the mountain to get the most out of its natural features, as well as learning how to recognise avalanche prone terrain.

Expert Rider Sessions key points are

  • 3 x 2hr sessions
  • Small Groups of between 2-6 people
  • Level 3 or Level 4
  • 11.30-1.30 Monday, Wedneday and Friday
  • Tailored to your individual goals for maximum benefit.

All this for the great value price of €199.


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