Performance Improver Weeks – Skiing breakthrough courses!

Preformance Improver Weeks

Our Performance Improver Weeks are a fantastic way to really make a difference and improve your skiing!

Has your skiing reached a plateau? Are you ….

  • Looking for inspiration to help you improve?
  • Wanting to ski with more control on and off piste?
  • Wanting to deal with all snow conditions more confidently?
  • Wanting to ski faster and more accurately?
  • Wanting to ski more competently when conditions become tricky?

Our hand-picked team of instructors have the knowledge, experience and passion for skiing to really make a difference to how you ski and how you feel about skiing!  We are offering 2 styles of course for 2016:-

Technical Ski:

The idea of this course is to focus on your on-piste skiing and work on ways to enable you to ski the hill faster but in a more controlled and efficient fashion. It’s all very well carving hard down a red run but what happens if you hit a patch of ice or if it starts to get bumpy?! We’ll work on the tools to help you to handle tougher conditions and tougher terrains.

All Terrain 4×4

This course is ideal for solid skiers looking to expand their horizons and ski the best the mountain has to offer.  Off piste focussed we’ll build tactics, techniques and strategies for dealing with powder, steeps, bumps and maybe even a bit of freestyle!

Skiing Level

To get the best out of this course you should be either Level 6 or 7.

Find your level using the information on our group courses page.


A reasonable level of fitness is required. We will build performance during the week but aim to start feeling reasonably fit.

Course times

Courses provide 20 hrs training per week, normally Monday – Friday starts 4 hrs per day 11.30 – 4.30 with a break for lunch.

We will be running our first Technical Course the week commencing Monday 11th January.


€375 per week


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