Improver Courses

Would love to do a Off Piste or Technical Improver Week but can’t fit it into your holiday?

Then our Improver Course could be just what you’re looking for.

Aimed at Level 6-7 skiers we will take your skiing just a little bit faster, a little bit steeper, a little bit further and a big smile better than its ever been before!

3 morning sessions of 2 hrs giving 6 hrs of training with an instructor passionate about giving you the very best experience and help you develop techniques and strategies to deal with more of the mountain environment.

Give yourself the treat you deserve and expand your horizons! You could just surprise yourself with what you can achieve!


  • 3×2 hr sessions 11.30-1.30
  • Small groups of 2-6 skiers per session
  • Focused personal feedback to help you improve
  • Video analysis to help you understand
  • Terrain chosen to suit your ability and the conditions on the mountain
  • €199 per week.


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