Frequently Asked Questions


If you have a question see if it is answered below. If not then get in touch with one of our friendly team.


Can I start a private lesson up on the mountain rather than from the meet point?

Yes, however most of our lessons will finish at the meet point. The instructor will make every effort to get to you as fast as possible but this can impact on the length of the lesson.

I am very nervous about going skiing will a group lesson be ok for me?

This is hard to say but if you are really nervous before you get started and lacking in confidence then a private lesson maybe a better option. You can then be 1 to 1 with your instructor and the lesson can run at your pace.

If I am not getting on in a group lesson can I change to private lessons?

Yes but you will have to pay any cost involved in changing. This would also be subject to availability.

If you are finding that your group is moving either faster or slower than you would like, let your instructor know and we will look to find a solution.

What does my child need with them when attending ski school?

A helmet, appropriate ski clothing and eyewear for the weather conditions. Please make sure you child has high factor sun and lip protection applied. A snack in their pocket for a break and some money for a drink (drink money is not obligatory as they can take a small bottle with them)

What lessons do Parallel Lines run from La Tania?

Private Ski and Snowboard Lessons.

What lessons do you run form Mottaret?

Ski and Snowboard Private Lessons.

For all other group lessons you can either ski down the Truite run to Meribel (Green Run) or take the free bus.

What Lift pass do I require for adult lessons?
  • Levels 1-3, Meribel Valley Pass
  • Levels 4-7, Three Valley Pass
What lift pass do I require for children’s group lessons?
  • Mini Green – Meribel Valley Pass  or Mini Pass (can only be bought on the day)
  • Ski Safari Levels 1 Green, Level 2 Green/Blue and Level 3 Blue – Meribel Valley Pass
  • Ski Safari Levels 4-7 –  Three Valley Pass
Where is the Parallel Lines Meeting point?

At the Chaudanne area of Meribel (where all the main lifts are). On the left hand side of the Rhodos bubble.

Meeting Point