Where’s Boozy this year?

Where’s Boozy this year?

Many of our regular customers will know our instructor David Beuzeval. (known as Boozy because of his name…honest!).

Dave has taught full time with Parallel Lines for 5 winters but this year he will be based in the UK between the peak season weeks running his new venture DB Coaching and Development.

Here’s Dave to tell you a more about his team building days which include analysis and training using The Myers Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI).

Over to Dave…

Hi all, I will keep this short and sweet, winter is coming and I don’t want to take up too much of your time.

Those that have slid with me on the Meribel slopes will testify that I believe that getting your head into the right place will have a huge effect on your skiing.  Psychology plays a huge role in our ability to either complete a task or to fail. I spend a large portion of time helping clients understand where they need to focus and ways in which to quieten negative thoughts. With a change in career looming, I wanted to get deeper into the psychology but still remain with helping people overcome difficulties. So, having qualified as an MBTI practitioner, I am now helping individuals and teams create winning formulas in the workplace too.

Understanding your own personality preferences gives you a massive advantage with this. Understanding others you work with too, adds another dimension. From conflict resolution to better communication and dealing with change, the benefits are wide ranging. These all add up to a more successful working environment that creates growth and will move your team and business forward.

As a fully qualified coach across a range of outdoor activities, I can give you seamless transition from the MBTI theory into an outdoor team building session. This will help build on the personality theory and cement understanding of where individuals fit into the MBTI framework.

I am based in the south east (UK), but can travel. . If you are interested in working together to help your business grow, please get in touch through my website…