We know the first time you come skiing or snowboarding can seem a pretty daunting experience.

Will I like it?, can I do it?, will I be able to keep up with the others?, is it safe?… are all questions likely to be going around the head of first timers.

At Parallel Lines we want to do everything we can to make these first attempts as sliding as fun and successful as possible and at least answer the question of “where is the best place to learn?”

To help do this we are now offering an extra FREE LESSON on all our Group Level 1 ski and snowboard courses.

This means that our 5 Day and 6 Day beginner Level 1 ski and snowboard courses have 2 lessons on Day 1. One at 9.15- 11.15 to get the basics of moving, sliding and stopping worked on, and then a second FREE LESSON after lunch at 2pm, to work on turning and speed control.

This is all to give learners the best possible chance of finishing their first day on the slopes feeling in control. Ready to progress and explore the green slopes on Day 2.

Group Level 1 Courses for Skiing and Snowboarding cost 210€ for 5 days and 239€ for 6 days

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