Goodbye Autumn, ‘Hello’ Winter!!!

Goodbye Autumn, you were beautiful … but move over … as ‘Hellllloooooooooooo’ Winter!!!

What a change over the weekend!  The first real snowfall across the valley has transformed our scenery from the autumn palette of warm, natural and earthy hues into a crisp, sparkly pure white landscape. The sugar top dustings visible as we all started to set up for the coming season have been covered with an abundance white flakes.  Winter … it’s good to have you back!

Here in Les Allues, the office team are busily updating bookings, producing reports and preparing for resort opening, while our instructors are packing up their kit and heading for the mountains.

Us?  Excited?  Whatever makes you think that?!?  Hope you like the pictures we took over the weekend and it gets you into the mood for winter!

Autumn to Winter